Instruction (english)

Everything for everyone – for free! How our free shop works:

Our free shop functions by the principle of solidarity: When we give something, it is without conditions, just and because we no longer have any use for it, while it is still in a good condition. The idea is not charity or presents, but for the items to stay in use for a longer time and to provide them to other people for use.
When we searching for something, we can trust the solidarity of the community and simply take anything anytime if we can put it to good use. We do not need to justify this and no return service is required or expected. The idea of solidarity is the basis of our concept and shall be visible at all times.

Also upon taking things from our tables do we uphold the idea of solidarity and enable everyone to take a look at the things and take what they need. For everyone to have the chance to find what they need, we should only take as much as we need for our small or large households. To collect the things for profit contradicts this idea and is not in the purpose of the free shop.

The things we give should be clean, working and usable, in a way that we would ourselves in principle take them. This is also amongst our idea of solidarity, it saves us time so we do not have to sort out useless or defective things and not have to throw things away. However, those of us who organize the acceptance of goods have an eye on the condition of the things given. Before we enter the free shop to search for useful things, we can give away what we brought directly at the entrance. These things could be e.g. clothes, textiles and shoes, household stuff (e.g. tableware), books or toys. Since we do not have any means of transportation, we cannot collect things from elsewhere.

The free shop is not a closed structure, on the contrary: everyone is cordially invited to play ones part in our Free Shop Dortmund collective. Further information via email to or on our homepage

Everyone a great time in our free shop!